A no-charge directory established to help you
find like-minded believers in your local area.

What does this directory do for me?

After registering, you may log in and view a listing of members within your country, or, if you live in Canada or the United States, within your requested distance of your zip code.
Also, if you provide an email address when you register, contact info for any new registrations will automatically be emailed to you as above.

Where do I begin?

There is a short registration form that you need to fill out in order to be part of the directory. View it here

Can I use a nickname or register on behalf of others?

NO! Do not add anyone else's name but your own. The webmaster may choose to contact registrants to check the authenticity of the registrations.

What happens after Ifill out the registration?

Your name and information, as you have entered it, is immediately added to the directory. You may then login and view other listings in your area.

Do Ihave to give a lot of the information requested on the registration form?

NO. The only required information needed will be your First Name and Last Initial (example: John N), your zip code, and an e-mail address or phone number. Any other information will be optional.

What is the Comment field for?

The comment field is for any information you would like to put in that you think would be helpful for others looking at your listing. It is a great way to describe who you are, what you believe... For example, you might want to say the size of family, ages of kids, interests, homeschooled?, and even mention your favorite doctrinal positions, etc.

How secure is my information?

We have kept the requirements to a minimum so that anyone can feel comfortable about being listed without too much information being required. For those concerned about their e-mail address being listed, you could set up a separate e-mail account from any company that has free e-mail (Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail) and use it just for this directory. People's concern about security is also the reason we only ask for the first initial of the last name. The contents of this directory will never be sold or given to another party. The information you put here, stays here.

Can I edit or delete my information?

Yes, you will have options for both. After you've logged in, choose "Edit my Profile" at the top-right of your browser window.

What if Idon't have an email address?

There will be a place on the application where you can list a phone number or address as a means for people to contact you whichever you prefer. The only requirement is that others viewing your listing must be able to contact you.

How do I find people in my area?

After you are registered, just login to view the list of people in your area. If your address is in the USA or Canada, the results are based on your Postal / Zip Code, otherwise, the results will list all others from your country of residence*. You will be able to print this list and begin to make contact with those of your choosing. After that, you could decide between yourselves how you would want to proceed.

* Our webmaster is constantly monitoring the quantity of registrations from all countries to ensure that the results of your search remain relevant without becoming overwhelming.

How old is this "Fellowship Directory"?

The site was conceived at a conference in April 2005 and was under development between April 25 and June 27, when it was ready for use by the public. Between technical issues and time constraints, nothing really happened further until August 3, 2005. At the end of this particular day, we had 32 registrations on the site. During the night, nogreaterjoy.org began advertising this site. Because of this, we consider August 4, 2005 the day we finally went "live".

Note: As of August 23, 2005, registrations are still coming in quite regularly. Also, we haven't yet been advertised in the printed No Greater Joy newletter.

As of Sept 11, 2005, we have now seen the first advertisement in the printed NGJ newsletter (page 8) and are experiencing a renewed increase in new registrations.

I am frequently in another area of the country for extended stays and would like to be able to search the list for people in that area as well. How can I do this?

Probably the best way to accomplish this would be to register again with your second address. Please use the comments area to explain this listing.

It would be so nice if I could get a list of the whole directory. There are no borders in God's church, and I would also be able to send emails and fellowship with someone in Europe, the internet is an amazing tool God can use to bring us all together. There is no distance in the Spirit. Why don't you offer this option?

There are many ways for computer-literate people to find like-minded believers online. The goal of this site is to help people find like-minded believers in their geographical area since this is something missing for many of us.

Why are email addresses listed like "johnny at isp dot net"? This format doesn't copy and paste into my email program.

The reason we chose to have the email addresses this way is to avoid having "bots" (computers that scan web pages for information) skim the email addresses of those registering. By putting the email in this format, there is significantly reduced risk of getting spam as a result of registering with us.

What constitutes abuse of this site?

Here is a sample listing of listings that are considered abuse of this website:
Invalid contact information. (Email address or Phone number are not genuine.)
Registering for any purpose other than genuine Christian fellowship.

If you notice listings that you feel are not in accordance with the purpose of this site, please contact the webmaster immediately.

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Problems with this site?

If you're having trouble with this site, click here to view a thread on the forum at 7xSunday.net discusses some issues in detail.

We hope this answers most of your questions. If you have other questions, send an e-mail and we will try to answer them.

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